What is a masternode?

A Masternode is a service which maintains the complete copy of the blockchain such that it is always available for the users. For networks that support features like private send and instant send, masternodes keep transactions safe from theft and provide features like anonymous transfers.

Masternodes market

$1,137,056,933 / 162,643 BTC mn market cap
$175,106,572 / 25,042.38 BTC 24h volume
more than 400 masternode coins
more than 235,000 online masternodes
a snapshot from masternodes.online and masternodes.pro

How it works

To run a Masternode there is a condition that must be fulfilled. You must have a minimum amount of coins locked into the Masternode wallet, as if it was a yielded deposit. If the owner moves or spends these coins, the Masternode stops working. This “proof of ownership” system not only encourages operators but also prevents certain individuals (speculators) from controlling a large part of the network on their own.

What is MasternodeGate

Masternodes with good returns can be expensive for many of users. MasternodeGate.com is the bridge between these people and join users to fulfill a masternode.

MasternodeGate hide the complexity of setting up and mantaining a masternode. Just choose your preferred coin and buy shares.

Feel the freedom! Buy and sell shares of your running masternodes to the highest bidder

MasternodeGate features


Security is our main concern. We do our best to protect our users and their wallets


Intuitive and user-friendly interface for your PC, Smartphone and Tablet


Get in touch with us through our social media channels. Registered users can further benefit from dedicated support


0% on deposits and withdrawals. 5% on the returns from the masternodes


We also offer Proof-of-Stake on all supported wallets to increase earnings (coming soon...)


Buy and Sell ​​shares of running masternodes to get them at the best price ever

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Who we are

A team of professionals and enthusiasts of the crypto world

Italo Morellato

Founder / Server developer


Andrea La Rovere
Founder / Project supervisor
Francesco D'Angelo

Founder / Platform architect


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Founder / Social media marketing


Ivan Gentile

Founder / Legal management


Frequently Asked Questions

MasternodeGate allows owners of masternode coins to team up and create a shared masternode from which they will get rewards proportional to their shares. Rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Masternode shares can be sold at any time through auctions.

It is free to register and get started. We only keep 5% from the masternode rewards to help maintaining this service. There are no additional fees on deposits and withdrawals.

The minimum deposit is double the net fee. For instance, if the net fee for a coin is 0.001, the minimum amount of coins that can be deposited is 0.002. In this way, the working balance will be equal to 0.001.

No. You can buy coins on any exchanger. Once you have your coins, you can deposit them on MasternodeGate to get started.

You can get deposit addresses from the dashboard page.

You can deposit at any time. Deposits are processed immediately.

You can execute withdrawals of masternode rewards at any time. Masternode shares are instead subject to a contract but can be still sold through auctions.

The shares are blocked til the end of your masternode contract, but you can sell them through auctions service.

Users can freely choose among the various options indicated in the “default lifetime” that you find in the “manage nodes” section.

You can buy shares until the masternode is filled. Afterwards, you can buy shares from auctions or, alternatively, from other pools.

You can make deposits from any exchanger or from your personal (desktop) wallets.


You can keep track of all your coins by logging in and entering the dashboard.

The user dashboard shows the cumulative balance of all wallets over the last seven days. You can check incoming transactions from masternode shares.

When the masternode shares expire the action are two: recieve their own coin on the platform’s wallets or on the registred address.

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