Masternodes with good returns can be expensive for many of users. MASTERNODEGATE is the bridge between people and join users to fulfill a masternode. Choose your preferred coin project and buy shares, we will take care of setting up and mantaining your masternode without any additional cost!

1. Deposit your coins

Start with deposit your preferred coins.

2. Buy shares

Buy shares and wait for masternode fulfillment.

3. Earn

Earn passive incomes while your masternode works.


What is a masternode: A masternode is a software that act as a controller on its own blockchain network. It is also referred as a "full node" who provides additional services than a "standard node". Depending on the blockchain technology, services may changes but usually a masternode guarantee the transactions between wallets, participate in the blockchain as voting endpoint and provides instant transaction feature to execute fast coins movment between accounts.
How to run a masternode: To run a masternode, you must lock a certain amount of coins on a standard node. While you keep coins locked, the standard node run as a masternode and get rewards from transactions executed on the blockchain.
How many coins locked: The amount of coins locked depends on the blockchain and the technology behind and also on the current exchange rate of the specific coin. This is the main reason why a masternode with good returns maybe expensive for a single user.
How does the MASTERNODEGATE platform work ? Masternodegate allows owners of masternode coins to team up and create a shared masternode from which they will get rewards proportional to their shares. Rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Masternode shares can also be sold at any time through auctions.


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0% on deposits and withdrawals. 5% on the returns from the masternodes


Buy and sell shares of running masternodes to get them at the best price ever

Automatic paymes

Automate coins transfer on new rewards (comin soon)

Vote for listing

Vote to introduce a new masternode


Registered users can access our masternodes public key to monitor our activity


Intuitive and user-friendly interface for your PC, Smartphone and Tablet


Security is our main concern. We do our best to protect our users and their wallets


Get in touch with us through our social media channels. Registered users can further benefit from dedicated support

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Frequently asked question

Review our FAQ to learn more on how Masternodegate works and what are the services we provide

How does the MasternodeGate platform work ?

MasternodeGate allows owners of masternode coins to team up and create a shared masternode from which they will get rewards proportional to their shares. Rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Masternode shares can be sold at any time through auctions.

What about fees ?

It is free to register and get started. We only keep 5% from the masternode rewards to help maintaining this service. There are no additional fees on deposits and withdrawals.

Is there a minimum amount of coins to deposit in the masternode ?

The minimum deposit is double the net fee. For instance, if the net fee for a coin is 0.001, the minimum amount of coins that can be deposited is 0.002. In this way, the working balance will be equal to 0.001.

Can I send bitcoins to my wallets on MasternodeGate ?

No. You can buy coins on any exchanger. Once you have your coins, you can deposit them on MasternodeGate to get started.

How to get deposit addresses ?

You can get deposit addresses from the dashboard page.

When can I make a deposit ?

You can deposit at any time. Deposits are processed immediately.

When can I make a withdrawal ?

You can execute withdrawals of masternode rewards at any time. Masternode shares are instead subject to a contract but can be still sold through auctions.

Can I withdrawal my shares ?

The shares are blocked til the end of your masternode contract, but you can sell them through auctions service.

How long do contract last ?

Users can freely choose among the various options indicated in the “default lifetime” that you find in the “manage nodes” section.

Can I buy additional shares for the same masternode ?

You can buy shares until the masternode is filled. Afterwards, you can buy shares from auctions or, alternatively, from other pools.

How can I make deposits ?

You can make deposits from any exchanger or from your personal (desktop) wallets.

Can I send coins from MasternodeGate platform to any exchanger or desktop wallet ?


How can I check my coins ?

You can keep track of all your coins by logging in and entering the dashboard

How can I check the performance of my shares ?

The user dashboard shows the cumulative balance of all wallets over the last seven days. You can check incoming transactions from masternode shares

What happen when masternode shares expire ?

When the masternode shares expire the action are two: recieve their own coin on the platform’s wallets or on the registred address.

How does Contests work ?

Contests is a new feature designed for end-users where everyone can vote for coins/masternodes to be introduced in the Masternodegate platform. Masternodegate staff take care of prepare and publish contests on a regula bases. Registered users can vote for up 3 coins. Soon after a contest ends, the top 3 voted coins/masternodes will be set available for funding.

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