Privacy policy


MASTERNODEGATE (hereinafter “the Platform” or "we") is determined to protect and respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy together with the User Agreement and the Cookies Policy governs our collecting, processing and using of the User’s Personal and Confidential Information. "Personal Information" is understood as the information which identifies the User of the Service personally, e.g. name, email address, address, ID details and photos (for verified accounts), etc. “Confidential Information” is understood as any other information, collected and generated during User’s activity on the Service, reflecting any aspects of this activity (incl. log of the trading activity, deposit and withdrawal logs, IP addresses and technical parameters of the sessions etc.).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our Users of:
  • The types of Personal and Confidential Information which we may collect and how it may be used;
  • Our usage of information regarding IP Addresses and cookies;
  • Extraordinary cases, when Personal and/or Confidential Information may be disclosed to third parties;
  • User’s options to correct, update and delete his/her Personal Information;
  • The security measures we undertake to prevent the leak, loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration of Personal and/or Confidential Information

Collecting and Usage of Personal and Confidential Information

During the User’s using MASTERNODEGATE site ( and/or the Platform we collects the User’s Personal and Confidential Information and store it on the same site. We may use the User’s Personal and/or Confidential Information for the following purposes:
  • To allow the User to open and operate an Account on the Platform;
  • To enable the User to complete Transactions on the Platform;
  • To make analysis and provide advice for the User in case of User’s requests and claims;
  • To analyze User’s activity at the Platform;
  • For own marketing research without transferring any part of Personal Information to any third parties;
We hereby declare that MASTERNODEGATE do not report and will never report any part or of User’s Personal and Confidential Information in any form (incl. pre-processed or aggregated forms) to any advertisers.

IP Addresses and other technical details

We may collect information about users’ IP address, operating system and browser type for testing compatibility of the Platform with frequently updating users’ software and for security reasons.


We use a browser "cookie", to improve the quality of the User’s experience on the Platform. Consult our Cookies Policy for more about.

Disclosure of Personal and Confidential Information

We hereby declare that MASTERNODEGATE do not disclose and will never disclose any part of User’s Personal and Confidential Information to any third parties, excluding defined solitary cases, listed below:
  • According to request of law enforcement authorities, executed in strict accordance to current legislation. In this case User’s Personal and Confidential information may be provided to the law enforcement authorities, strictly following all the procedures, defined by existing laws;
  • In case User will distribute any slanderous inventions about MASTERNODEGATE in public (incl. but not limited by social media, developers discord groups, Bitcoin talk portal etc.), MASTERNODEGATE reserves the right to publicate any information including Private and/or Confidential information of the User (including but not limited to deposit and withdrawal logs) in order to dispose of slanderous inventions distributed by the User.

Correction⁄Updating⁄Deletion of Personal Information

All MASTERNODEGATE users have the right to access their Personal Information (such as ID details) and to require the correction, updating and blocking of inaccurate and/or incorrect data by sending an email to us at: or by submitting a ticket via official channels. The User may also request the deletion of both the Account and Personal Information by sending an email to us at: MASTERNODEGATE will process your request only in case it is not in contradiction with its legal and regulatory obligations.


We have implemented security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the User’s Personal Information and to protect his/her Personal and Confidential Information from leak, loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Only authorized personnel of MASTERNODEGATE have access to the Personal and Confidential Information, and these personnel are required to treat the information as confidential.

Retention of Personal Information

We intend to keep the User’s Personal Information as long as it is necessary for us to do so, having regard to the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. In accordance with our record keeping obligations we will retain Accounts and Personal Information for, at least a period of one years after they are closed by Users.


Our Site may contain links to other sites and resources provided by third parties. This Privacy Policy applies only to our Site. We do not control those third party sites or any of the content contained therein and you agree that we are in no way responsible or liable for any of those third party sites, including, without limitation, their content, policies, failures, promotions, products, services or actions and/or any damages, losses, failures or problems caused by, related to or arising from those sites.


Our Site policies, content, information, promotions, disclosures, disclaimers and features may be revised, modified, updated, and/or supplemented at any time and without prior notice at the sole and absolute discretion of MASTERNODEGATE. If we change this Privacy Policy, will take steps to notify all users by a notice on our Platform via our messaging system and will publish the amended Privacy Policy on the Site.